A biblioteca já conta com quase cinquenta títulos e foi reorganizada em quatro coleções:

1. Referências

2. Antiguidade Tardia e Etnogênese dos Povos Germânicos

3. Germânia Imperial Medieval

4. Reino Normando-Suábio da Sicília

Foram adicionados os seguintes títulos:

ABULAFIA, David. Frederick II – A medieval emperor

ADAM OF BREMEN. History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen

EINHARD. Vita Karoli

GEARY, Patrick (ed). Franks, Northmen and Slavs – Identities and State Formation in Early Medieval Europe

GREEN, Dennis. Women and Marriage in German Medieval Romance

GROTANS, Anna. Reading in Medieval St. Gall

HILDEGARD VON BINGEN. Hildegard’s Healing Plants – From her Medieval Classic Physica.

HUMMER, Hans J. Politics and Power in Early Medieval Europe – Alsace and the Frankish Realm 600-1000

JOHNS, Jeremy. Arabic Administration in Norman Sicily – The Royal Dîwan

LIVERMORE, Harold. Twilight of the Goths – The rise and fall of the kingdom of Toledo c. 565-711

LOUD, Graham A. & METCALFE, Alex (Ed.). The Society of Norman Italy

METCALFE, Alex. The Muslims of Medieval Italy

PAULO DIÁCONO. History of the Langobards

RUSSELL, James C. The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity

SKINNER, Patricia. Family Power in Southern Italy – The Duchy of Gaeta and its neighbours 850-1139

TYLER, Elizabeth M & BALZARETTI, Ross (ed.) Narrative and History in Early Medieval West

WEINGARTEN, Larry. “Sper, kriuz und dorne”: Glorification and Millenarian Concepts in Medieval German Literature