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A biblioteca já conta com cento e trinta e três títulos e está organizada em seis coleções:
Our Library counts with 133 titles distributed in:

1. Referências/References
2. Antiguidade Tardia e Etnogênese dos Povos Germânicos/Late Antiquity and Ethnogenesis of the German Peoples
3. Germânia Imperial Medieval/Medieval Imperial Germany
4. Reino Normando-Suábio da Sicília/ Norman-Swabian Kingdom of Sicily
5. Artigos/Papers
6. Projeto Heliand/Heliand Project

Foram adicionados os seguintes títulos:
Titles added:

ARAUJO, Vinicius Cesar Dreger de. “A Cristianização da Saxônia e a Transformação da Figura Régia”
ARAUJO, Vinicius Cesar Dreger de. “A Assembléia de Mainz (1184) – o fato e sua repercussão nos romances cavaleirescos germânicos”
ARNOLD, Benjamin. Count and Bishop in Medieval Germany – a Study of Regional Power, 1100-1350
BABEL, Rainer & MOEGLIN, Jean-Marie (ed.). Identité régionale et conscience nationale en France et en Allemagne du moyen âge à  l’époque moderne
BACHRACH, David. “Military Chaplains and the Religion of War in Ottonian Germany, 919-1024”
BACHRACH, David. “Exercise of royal power in early medieval Europe: the case of Otto the Great, 936-73”
BECHER, Matthias. Karl der Große
BERNHARDT, John W. Intinerant Kingship and Royal Monasteries in Early Medieval Germany, c. 936-1075
BEUTIN, Wolfgang. A History of German Literature
CONANT, Kenneth John. Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture 800-1200
CORBET, Patrick. Les Saints Ottoniens
DUNBABIN, Jean. The French in the Kingdom of Sicily 1266-1305
FRANCE, John. Western Warfare in the Age of the Crusades 1000-1300
HEIMANN, Heinz-Dieter. Die Habsburger : Dynastie und Kaiserreiche
HELIAND und Althochdeutsche Literatur (8 und 9 Jahrhundert)
HEN, Yitzhak & INNES, Matthew. Using the Past in the Early Middle Ages
HILL, Hamlyn. The Earliest Life of Christ – Tatian’s Diatessaron
HOOPER, Nicholas & BENNETT, Andrew. The Cambridge Illustrated Atlas of Warfare – The Middle Ages 768-1487
HOZESKI, Bruce W. (trad.) Hildegard’s Healing Plants – From her medieval classic Physica
JEEP, John M. (ed.). Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia
JOTISCHKY, Andrew & HULL, Caroline. The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Medieval World
KELLER, Elisabeth. “Odin’s Names in the Poetic Edda Compared to God’s Names in the Heliand
LUSCOMBE, David & RILEY-SMITH, Jonathan (ed.)  The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume IV, c.1024 – c.1198 Part II
NICOLLE, David. The Age of Charlemagne (Osprey Men-at-arms)
OREL, Vladimir. A Handbook of Germanic Etymology
RÖCKELEIN, Hedwig. Reliquientranslationen nach Sachsen im 9. Jahrhundert über Kommunikation, Mobilität und Öffentlichkeit im Frühmittelalter
SCAGLIONE, Aldo. Knights at Court – Courtliness, Chivalry and Courtesy from Ottonian Germany to the Italian Renaissance
SMITH, David R. The Forgotten Gospel – The Latin Diatessaron
UNESCO. World Heritage sites in Germany
VERHULST, Adriaan. The Carolingian Economy
WRIGHT, Joseph. A Middle High German Primer, with Grammar, Notes and Glossary
YOUNG, Christopher & GLONING, Thomas. A History of the German Language Through Texts