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Em homenagem à cidade natal de meus antepassados italianos – Monte Sant’Angelo em Gargano – a sede do culto ao arcanjo Miguel!

An homage to the hometown of my italian ancestors – Monte Sant’Angelo in Gargano – the seat of the cult of Saint Michael Archangel!

University of Toronto Working Papers (2011)

ABSTRACT: This article explores the early medieval transformation of a pagan Roman monument, Hadrian’s tomb, into a Christian fortress consecrated to St Michael. Ado of Vienne’s claim that Boniface IV (r. 608-15) dedicated an elevated chapel to the archangel atop the moles Hadriani is challenged and reexamined. The many similarities between Michael’s shrine on Monte Gargano and this Roman chapel instead indicate that the angelic devotion spread from Gargano to Rome, sometime in the early eighth century, and that the Lombards were the likely transmitters.