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26. Juli bis 3. November 2013 | Diözesanmuseum · Kaiserpfalz · Städtische Galerie in Paderborn

CREDO is a marvellous exhibition currently underway in Paderborn in North Western Germany

A bonanza of medieval treasures is on show until the 11th of November, reflecting the fervour of the curators in Paderborn, who must have petitioned, cajoled or even begged to be able to show all these masterpieces in one sweeping exhibition – CREDO – located in three venues: The Archdiocese Museum next to the Cathedral of Paderborn, the reconstructed Ottonian Palace at the back and the localArt Museum to the East. All within walking distance, visitors are invited to visit all three locations one after the other. But be warned, you will wish to spend more time on the two first parts and you might even wish to visit the first part of the exhibition several times.

 goldglas petrvs pavlvs 295x300 Medieval Histories

The cultural-historical exhibition explores the Christianisation of Medieval Europe, covering aspects such as the foundations of the missionary church, its spread through the Roman Empire, the Christianisation of Ireland, the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons, the missionary initiatives from the British Isles to the Continent, and the Christianisation of first Saxony, later Scandinavia and of Eastern and Central Europe. However, visitors are not invited to consider Christianisation as one sweeping and uni-dimensional development. Instead, we are invited to reflect upon (some of) the very diverse ways in which the Christian Church evolved from ca. 200 – 2000 AD.

It stands to reason the curators have at some point taken the chicken to the shed and cut off its head. Visitors may thus look long, but not find anything about the Christianisation, which took place in the New World post 1500; also the myriad of encounters with Islam have been carefully weeded out. (Though rumour has it this will be the focus for the next great endeavour of the museums of Paderborn). However, these “missing” perspectives do not diminish the experience. Of course some of the choices may seem a bit odd when considering each and everyone of the more than 850 exhibits in detail.

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